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"I have been getting my hair braided at this Anne shop for a while and every time they do a wonderful job with my braiding. I would Highly recommend it!" Chenia D, MolineI

"I just got my braids done here for the first time with Anne African Braiding in Moline and my braids are so neat. I will be back again and I recommend you to go here high quality work and low prices." Marilyn S, East Moline

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We are African Hair braiding Salon, located in Davenport, Close to East moline in the Quads City. We services braiders in those area and beyond. Quality and customer services is what define us.
Anne salon will make sure that your hair is handled with special care, regarless of it length. We will braid your hair with love, attention.
You will pay less than you have paid with any local hair braiding shop. We have thousands of pictures and beautiful photos, and styles of hair that you can choose from.
We have been braiding the following african hair styles: Cornrows, Micro braids, Interlocks, Invisible braids, Senegalese twist, Flax twist, Kinky twist, Box braids, Casamas, Corkscrew, Bob style
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Our hair stylists have spent many years honing their abilities in the art of African hair braiding. You can trust that your hair will look gorgeous after you visit our salon.
When it comes to your hair, never settle for second best. Come to Anne’s Hair Braiding for impeccable services that will leave you looking like a million bucks. Your hair will look amazing after you receive services from us. Do you know what he best part is? You will have great looking braids for prices that won’t break your bank. Experience the star treatment without the star prices. *Please let us know before you come in if you have Bald Spot, or if you have alopecia hair loss treatment. Or if you need a cover up for a bald spot with net weave or if you have thin hair.

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328 E Locust St, Davenport, IA 52803 We are located in the heart of Davenport & Moline

Leading Braided Hairstyles

Black women have natural gifted hair textured hair which is very strong from its root to its top. Braids are good for every woman as there are many styles to choose on depending on how you want to look and the shape of your face. But there are specific braid hairstyles that look good to specific face shapes as well as skin tones. It is good to consult your hairstylist so as to get advice on which kind of hairstyle that will suit you according to the shape of your face such as box braids, twisted or any other type. In this article we will be looking at 100 braid styles that will make any lady look prettier. As you know black hair has many varieties where as there is one which is soft and grows fast and there is one which is hard. Normally black hair grows slower and in case your hairstylist plaits your braids tight it can lead to red itching at the roots while using a hair spray can help you cool the itching.

  1. Braided Box Hairstyle

Being black is being beautiful and this can be proven with long box braids that are tied around the crown making a very beautiful hair style at the same time creating a convenient condition for you that will not cause any unnecessary heat. This style will make you look fashionable and the good thing about the style is that it is good for every face shape and skin tone all you have to keep in mind is making sure that you maintain your hair in order to prevent hair irritation which might be a result of buildup from hair products. Make sure that you wash your hair properly from time to time or you can do it in every 3 weeks. This can be done at home or you can visit a nearby saloon so as to keep your hair neat and shinny at all times. You can add a neutral scarf which you can artistically tie it around the crown and that will make you look astonishing.

  1. Twisted Braided Hairstyle

These twisted braids look very stylish in colored or black as it depends on your skin tone. But colored braids look more beautiful when twisted and it fits to ladies who have lighter skin tone which you can match with the braids color. You can add cornrows which will cross from one side to the other side of the head heading to the ears. In order to make outstanding braids you can complete it with fashionable outfits. In case you opt to be neutral you can add neutral or multi-colored components to merge the color contrast. In addition, shade your eye brow with a catching shade color as well as makeup that will match with your skin tone in order to look astonishing attracting everybody around you. No wonder you will have men all over you asking for your company because men love beautiful women.

  1. Small Box Braided Hairstyle

This style looks fabulous especially with Black American ladies no matter of your nature. The good thing about these braids is that you can wear them short, medium, or even long according to your taste. It is extremely good when it comes to women with lighter skins as it makes them look like fairytale princess. You can braid them using color such as maroon and you will be surprised on how your looks will match out perfectly. In addition, the hairstyle goes well with all outfits such as leopard as well as multi-colored outfits making you look so beautiful. It needs time to plait it but the good thing is that its maintenance is affordable. You will have to wash it in every 2 weeks or you can do it depending on buildups on the hair roots. We do not advise you to wash your hair frequently as it will remove your natural oil which is necessary in maintaining your hair texture. You can wash your hair at home or visit a nearby saloon. Make sure that you dry your hair after washing as it is very important. Using air drying method is the perfect way to do that and in case you are in a hurry use a hot tool such as a brow drier or you can sit under a drier but set the heat low.

  1. Braided Box Hairstyle

This kind of braids makes a lady more attractive in a simple way all you need is just hold on it in a flexible less stressful style. You can do it yourself by making sure that your braids are held at the back of your neck while leaving out some of them to flow below your shoulders. It will take hours to plaint but this style holds your hair for quite a long period which is worth spending hours creating it. The style can consume more than 3 hours to finalize it and the good thing about the style is that it does not need so much attention in maintaining it. It looks elegant if you leave it to flow freely but in case it is a hot season you can hold a puff behind your neck keeping your hair in a single position. The style is good for both teens and older ones as long as you are capable of wearing it. You can decide to go colored or black as all the alternatives will still make you look fabulous. In order to maintain this hairstyle you will have to rinse it after 2 weeks and make sure that you use a braid hair special spray to maintain sheen in order to keep your hair looking great. This spray works to prevent dandruff and buildup while keeping your hair moist keeping it from drying and breaking off.

  1. Braided Up Do Hairstyle

Adding a style over your braided hair makes you look younger as well as making you more attractive. Up dos normally collect hair on the crown preventing heat as well as improving your looks. This is a great style for weddings, parties as well as other formal occasions. The style requires an up do which is stylish, up to date, simple and modern which will make you more sexy and attractive. When it comes to black colored up do’s it will make you look perfect no matter of your face shape as well as tone but when it comes to colored up do’s it is much selective depending on color tones. In case you we wanted to look so astonishing then this is the right braid style that will suit you. You can add pencil braids from different angles then make them collect at the crown. In addition you can twist and coil your braids at the top and that will make you look so classy. Black braided up do’s can be easily accessorized as they are found in different length bangles, earrings as well as makeup. This hairstyle is perfect for brides and you can have this style on your big wedding day in case you want to leave everyone supersized with your looks.

  1. Best Braided Big Box Hairstyle

If you want to look charming then this hairstyle is the one to go for as it is on trend. You can try it with big twists as well as keeping it below your shoulders and that will make you look very sexy. In addition, you can plaint it with color, Blonde, or any other color. If you do not want it colored then you can decide to leave it neutral. The good thing about this hairstyle is that it does not discriminate skin color tones as it works well with every tone and face shape. You can hold it with a hair band behind your neck in order to prevent it from falling over your forehead. If you add a right makeup as well as an eye catching eye shadow then you will stand out among all ladies around you. Braided Big Box Hairstyle is the best choice for all ladies who find themselves to be among the black beauties that want to enhance their looks from natural to more elegant but simple styles. This style works in all seasons and therefore you can try it anytime when you think you want it.

  1. Best Fishtail Braided Hairstyle

Ladies appear fashionable when wearing a fishtail Braided Hairstyle as they attract all the attention as they appear like princesses from Fairytale. This hairstyle is a good choice for any lady who wants to have that celebrity look making all the men wanting to have your phone number or wish that you were their date. This will make you look so pretty as well as classy when you wear that braided hairstyle which has a Fish like Tail. The good thing is that the style goes well with any face shape as well as skin tone but it looks more fabulous with ladies that have long faces. You can try this during a festive season by plaiting your braids in Gold brown as we;; as adding hair piece over the crown area designed in a way that they are pulled towards the center of the forehead on top of the eyes having a big wave which faces upwards over the edge. You can collect other hair behind your neck creating a single big braid that will flow below your shoulders. Adding an elegant necklace which has a brown color will match well with your stylish outfits and make you stand out of the crowd.

  1. Best Natural Braided hairstyle

Do your face look heart shaped and you always wanted to braid a natural elegant natural Braided Hairstyle? Then this is the right style for you as it will make you stunning and magnificent. Keep in mind that short braided hairstyle makes every lady look sexy no matter of the face shape and will work better to all those ladies that are afraid of having aging looks as it will cut off 10 years creating a cute young look. Visit your hairstylist and pick the kind of braid that you think will work for you when it has been twisted and shortened. Make sure that your hair is twisted and it should not go beyond your jaw length. This will make you look fabulous.

  1. Best Rocking Box Braided Hairstyle

Over centuries braid styles are evolving from time to time and this has led to women creating new add-ons creating new styles such as box braids with extra colors making them look modern and fashionable. Blonde Rocking Box Beyonce is among the latest brand of Rocking Braids which is more modern. This style is a result of hairstylists developing new techniques that they use in plaiting hair making them more fashionable uplifting women and making them look classy. Working on your beauty will make you presentable and beautiful. Rocking Box Braids will make you look so cute and it will let you add multi-colors as well as decide on the braid length creating different styles. Another option for those ladies having round faces is to plaint the braids longer as well as pulling it from the back towards the forehead making it cover half of their faces and reach on top of the eyes. This will make two braids of folded sides which will cover one of the eyes making a perfect finish. You can add stylish silver or brown earrings to finalize your look.

  1. Best Black Braided up Do Hairstyle

This is the hairstyle which has attracted many if not all designs within the hair industry. It has a lot of styles and designs that you can work on to create a fabulous look on any face. Black braided up can be plaited suing small cornrows in a neutral black which will cross over one another via the whole hair and then meet at the center of the clown while moving clockwise in order to create an elegant up do. This hairstyle will make you fill comfortable and the good thing about the style is that it is easy to maintain and will stay for a long time if you clean it properly. Use braid spray to prevent buildup and keep it shinning. It is good for every kind of face shape as well as skin tones and you can wear it on both formal and informal occasions.

  1. Best Side Braided Curly Hairstyle

Having variety of braid styles for black women is very interesting that rocks the hair industry. This is another beautiful hairstyle that is so good for black women as it will make any lady fabulous. This hairstyle will make any women regardless of her face shape look cute as it allows you to design your own style that will suit you. But here I will be discussing about long faced women with light skinned tone who wear a side braided curly hairstyle. What you should know is that this hairstyle is created with small cornrows which are plaited to a quarter of someone’s head at the lower part made in circular and parallel. The rest upper part of the head is created with small cornrow braids which move from below and move upwards to the center of the crown and then they are twisted into curls which fall the side under the eyes creating a curve on this long cute face. To improve your look you can add medium length brown or silver earrings or any color depending on your choice that will match with your outfit of that particular day. Also wear makeup that will match with your skin tone and you will notice how men will be staring at you in admiration. This hairstyle works better with mini skirts, pants as well as maxi dresses.

  1. Best Braided For Short Hairstyle

If you want to go for braids that are on trend and short enough making you look younger and cute then go for Black braided hairstyles which are good for short hair. The good thing is that you can wear it in any official invent, weddings as well as for casual outings making you explore your beauty. You can plait your hair in small cornrows at the sides and then pull your natural hair backwards adding small curly extensions that can reach below the back of your neck. You can decide to plaint parallel braids half of your head and then add an extra hair piece that is big enough weaved to cover the remaining part of your head forming a crown puff. This hair piece can be colored or neutral. If colored it looks more astonishing if it is in black and maroon highlights and then folded around the crown while attached with white hair pins making it strong and firm keeping it in its position. This hairstyle will leave your entire face visible making it cute and because it is short no hair will touch your body and this means you will have great looks. Besides it looks good on different face shapes as well as skin tones. It is mostly desired by teenagers and brides who are in their early forties as it makes them look younger. Adding jewelry adds extra credits to your look but make sure that everything matches with your outfits and that will make you look so sexy and attractive.

  1. Best Black Braided For Long Hairstyle

For ladies with Oval, heart, round or long faces this style suits them. In case you do not know which kind of style to choose for your long braids and you are worried which style will suit you due to the shape of your face? This style will work for you as it has a half way braided hair with cornrows which move towards the mid crown. You can add a mild black curly weave that will reach your shoulders. This will improve your looks or will plaint small cornrow lines that will flow half your head as they start from the forehead moving to the middle of your head creating lines marking boundaries of your face shape going to the center of your head. You can finalize by adding boxes down the shoulders. This style will not take much of your time at the saloon but it will give you a tremendous look. In order to keep you hair for months you will have to use braids spray so as to make fresh and shinny. To improve you look add makeup and make sure that your outfits match with your makeup and you will be supersized how men’s eyes will be following you wherever you go.

  1. Best Black Braided With A Bun Hairstyle

This hairstyle will make you have an elegant look and that is something that all women want in order to get that feminine expectation. Hair is one of the essential parts that change the woman’s appearance. The fact is that every woman wants to appear sexy and attractive towards men. This type of hairstyle works great with every face shape and color tone and you can wear it on any occasion. You can treat your natural hair with chemical that help to straighten as well as pull you hair backwards creating a puff. In addition you can extent your braids at the top creating a big braid. Alternatively you can opt for colored braided style which has a bun. This style is plaited with long braids or small boxes that reach your shoulders. It is then joined to create a big bun having ropes tied around the crown. The rope is stitched in order to keep it in position. This kind of hairstyle is mostly worn by celebrities as well as high class women who want to look modern and fashionable. The good thing about this fashion is that it is easily maintained and it is affordable. You can change the style every time whenever you do washing. Remember to use braid hairspray to keep you hair smooth and shinny as well as prevent it from getting buildup.

  1. Best Black Braided For Girls Hairstyle

Being a teenager or girl is a stage that every woman goes through and during this time you will want to explore your body and discover new features that will make you attractive to boys. Hair is among the features found on your body that display your beauty and that is why you enough time and money on your head more than any other part. This type of braided hairstyle has become a leading trend when it comes to hairstyles for girls. For black girls who have long faces while having a dark skin tone, this is a perfect hairstyle that will make them attractive. It starts with plait boxes at the roots moving upward to the middle then leaving curly hair over the shoulders. It can also be plaited after the forehead halfway towards the crown area adding small boxes and then curled using a curling tool towards the shoulder to create an African princess look. This style stays for months and you can plait your hair in black or brown and maroon color or any other color which matches with your skin tone. Due to the fact that it is long, you can add small ear pins if you need to appear sexy. The style works for weddings, parties, casual and official events.

  1. Best Short Black Braided Hair For Brides

A wedding is a special day that is a dream for every woman and should be celebrated in style. Normally for many people it comes once in a lifetime and that means you have to appear fabulous in your hairstyles and outfits. This will make you impress your bridegroom and the guests as you will be looking great. Some people like long braided hair while others like it short as it does not prevent you from dancing and the best part of it is that it displays your cute face on your big day. It does not matter even if you have long hair because you can still make it short by fixing it using hair pins. This style is perfect for you as a bride because it will make you feel comfortable and it is convenient as it brings every aspect of attraction upon your forehead making you as beautiful as you can be. Visit your professional hairstylist so as to plaint big apparel lines that are pulled using your natural hair or by using chemicals that will make your hair softer and enhance it to be pulled towards the crown area placing a tiara just after the braided side. You can roll over the remaining hair at the back in a circular shape.

  1. Best Long Black Braided For Brides Hairstyle

Being beautiful is every girl to woman’s dream as it is a feature that brings happiness as well as respect for the bride’s family as well as herself. There varieties of long braided hairstyles that will make you stand out of the crowd. As for today we will be discussing about braided hair styles that suit long faced black women. Your hairstylist must design your braids making sure that your face is visible from every angle. If you have treated hair then you can pull part of it towards the crown in order to form a big bump and then the remaining side hair can be plaited with cornrows starting from the front leading to the back of your ears. You can also extend your hair by adding a long human hair that cannot be distinguished from your hair creating long hair enough to fall at your back accompanied by waves that will make you look so beautiful from both angles. This will make your wedding day photos to be memorable and you will make your bridegroom confident over his fellow men.

  1. Best Short Black Braided For Bridesmaid Hairstyle

As a bridesmaid you will have to appear as beautiful as you can so as to match with your bride. To achieve this you can plaint small cornrows creating small sections that start from the front part moving to the back and then collect them crating a puff with braided hair extensions in a circular shape behind your ears. Do not forget wearing a cute makeup that will match with your skin tone, together with an outstanding eye shadow as well as earrings that will match with your outfits. In case of the short braided hairstyle for the bridesmaid that we have discussed is much easier to plaint, maintain and it will leave your cute face visible. In addition, you can still hold on it even after the wedding ceremony for other occasions. To look astonishing you can differentiate the color of the eye shadow from the makeup or connect it with the lips color in order to grab attention from the guests.

  1. Best Long Black Braided Hairstyle For Bridesmaid

In case you want to appear astonishing as a bridesmaid but yet you would like to keep it simple this is the best option for you. Many bridesmaids like using straight, curly or wavy hair extensions as well as weaves to enhance their looks. Just make sure that your entire hair pieces look the same and very simple but yet elegant. For this kind of hairstyle you will have to plaint a bit of cornrows halfway on one of the side as well as the crown starting from the front moving few inches in to the center of the crown and then the rest of the hair should be left with big waves which will touch your shoulders creating an impressive look. This style will make you stand out of the crowd as well as feel comfortable when attending other important functions. You can use high Yaky braids to get this kind of look.

  1. Best Black Braided For Little girls Hairstyle

Children like playing around and should be shown tender and love from anyone who is close to them. When you want to choose a hairstyle for your kid you have to consider a style that will take less time to plaint but the result should be neat because kids get tired so quickly and they cannot sit without playing for a long time. In addition, you have to select a style which will not cause them pains during the plaiting process as well as that style should be simple and enhance your kid’s look. Due to the mentioned reason this style is among the best styles that you can choose for your kid. It will not cause bruises or red marks like how other hairstyles do. Make sure that you that your kid’s outfit matches with this style. The kid’s hair can be divided into several sections forming a flower like shape braided in pencil lines and then finalizing the process with small boxes that touch her shoulder.

  1. Best Braided Hairstyle For Teenagers

There is nothing like teenage life when it comes to human experience for both male and female. During this time teens want to experience things which are extraordinary to prove that they are special. Teens like having unique hairstyles that will make them appear attractive and during this stage girls will do things that will attract boys. This style is among the hairstyles that will make teen girls become extremely attractive. You can make it using small cornrows that will flow half of your front head section and then add curly black extensions that will fall over your back. This style will look so perfect if accompanied with backless outfits, mini-dresses, tube tops as well as shorts.

  1. Best Black Braided For Medium Hairstyle

This kind of black braided hairstyle steals the show because it is sexy for medium length hair for all the teens as well as women who are above forties. It involves a lot of creativity that will make you look so beautiful. It has a plaited crochet as well as tiny cornrows which look apparel in just a few inches away from your forehead moving towards the crown. The backward hair is kept around the mid crown using pins and then the remaining hair falls back to your shoulders. A lot of models like this hairstyle as it make them cuter and attractive that keeps men eyes over them.

  1. Best Black Braided For Long Hairstyle

Most women will look stunning when wearing Black braided hairstyles for long hair that are accompanied by brown hints which are twisted falling to the butt level while some of the hair is pulled to the front making it fall at the side while the other is pushed to the back of the ears leading it to fall at the back. Long hair makes every woman to appear sexy and attractive. This style does not discriminate any kind of color you use to design your hair it works out perfectly but you should consider your skin color tone while selecting the type of color. It works better with strapless tops, tube dresses as well as open tops. It matches any face shape as well as any skin tone as it looks so good to young women and mid aged women below fifties. You can leave the braids to rest freely backwards or you can decide to comb one side making your hair go backward and keep it in position using a pin or you can create a puff behind your neck if that will make you feel comfortable. This hairstyle goes well with skinny jeans, pants and shorts but it is not only limited to this.

  1. Best Black braided Hairstyle With Weave

Ladies are always looking for Black braided hairstyles that will make them appear attractive and sexy; those styles that make men turn their heads. This hair style is perfect for all face shapes as it does not discriminate any face shape or style. In fact it is simple and easy to maintain. You have to select a small curly braid with plait small boxes starting from the roods to the mid area where you have to leave hair curly hanging over your shoulders. You have to create a line over one of the side in order to part hair on the right hand side of your face down while you have to push back the hair and make it touch the bust area on your left side of your face. Alternatively you can create braid cornrows that appear in a different direction moving away from your forehead towards the middle of your head adding a long curly hair extension in form of black that flows below your shoulders. The style looks great on every shape and it is good for teens who want to stand out from the crowd.

  1. Best Black Braided Hairstyle With Extensions

Enjoy the natural gift of being beautiful and look stunning by wearing colored dreadlocks which are coiled to hang over the shoulders. Women love this style because it is unique and lasts longer and fresh for a period of time. In addition, it looks good for young women as well as mid aged women in their fifties as they last longer without being damaged. To keep it tidy you will have to rinse it after every 2 weeks in order to remove dirt that might cause itching as well as bad odor. Use hair spray in order to keep your dreads shinny and moisture. It also prevents your hair from creating buildup at its roots.

  1. Best Black Braided Hairstyle With Beads

A lot of women think that beads are just for kids which are a wrong perception as women also apply beads on braids and the result is that they look elegant. One of the celebrities who like to wear beads is Alicia Keys and they really make her look cute. She braided cornrows over her whole head just a few inches after her forehead moving back of her neck down to her shoulders featuring multi-colored beads. You can wear beads too as they are not only for kids and celebrities but they are for every woman regardless of her face shape. The good thing about this hairstyle is that it leaves your face full displayed from every angle. You will be surprised of positive compliments that you will be receiving wherever you go. In fact this hairstyle is on trend and it will make you look modern and fashionable.

  1. Best Black Braided Hairstyle With A Scarf

There are many varieties of black braided hairstyles and you might fail to know which king of hairstyle will suit you. You can decide to take your braided hairstyle to a next level by adding a scarf but you have to be creative when selecting the scarf color and size which will match with your braid that you chose to design. If you go for small braids that are long but you would not want to feel uncomfortable especially when it falls over your shoulders causing unnecessary heat you can tie the braids creating a crown where the braids will inter cross each other. You will have to stitch the breads with threads to keep them in position. After that select a scarf with a color of choice then tie it once form the back moving towards the front making a small knot in a nice design. Match your outfits with the scarf and you will appear like an African queen.

  1. Best Braided Hairstyle With Side Puff

We are experiencing a lot as different hairstyles are emerging every now and then. It is hard when it comes to selecting a suitable hairstyle which has a puff. Regardless of the face shape there is always one style that will suit you. The main objective while choosing a style is to choose a style that will make you feel comfortable while driving men crazy over you. When it comes to braided Hairstyle with puffs this is among the best of the best and I assure you that it will make your face look so prettier than you ever imagined. You hair stylist will have to plait small cornrows that will look apparel starting from the boundaries moving to the left hand side of the crown area, and then the remaining hair will be collected from all corners to this point creating a beautiful puff that is so neat having a long hair curly extension.

  1. Best Colored Braided Hairstyle

Many colored braided hairstyles are inspired by celebrities like Rihanna who is famously known for clothing and hair fashion. She has worn maroon color braided hairstyle falling to her shoulders on a single side tied with a hair piece of an identical color that covered her entire head. The hair color and her skin tone matched together with the lipstick as well as the eye brow. For you, try it with white, blonde, red or blue depending on how you are going to apply your make up to get the perfect picture of what you need. You have this style on your engagement day or when you are going out with your first date as this style will display an amazing smile on your face.

  1. Best Black Braided Hairstyle With A Puff

This is another braided hairstyle that comes with a puff. The style does not discriminate any face shape as well as skin tones and it is good for teens and women below 50 years of age. The only thing that matters is that you will have to careful choosing the color that perfectly matches with your skin tone. You can go for big boxes braids which are puffed on the left side while falling over your shoulders with black and brown highlights in order to make it colorful. On the other hand you can plait a few hair inches on one side and create a line in the center to plaint just few inches too moving to the left hand side while leaving hair to fall to the shoulder with waves. You can part your hair on the right hand side into sideways that move towards the top corner of your head in order to secure it with head pins in order to create a min puff that will create an attraction. Adding makeup that will match your skin tone will make you appear attractive and sexy.

  1. Best Short Black Braided Messy Hairstyle

Ladies and girls out there have been searching for a hairstyle that will appear messy but yet fashionable. This is the best solution for such a hairstyle as it comes out as short and twisted in form of Afro Kinky making it an ideal style for young women who want to look stylish and elegant. This hairstyle is perfect for women with round faces, oval faces as well as heart faces. You just plait a few inches starting from the roots while the curls are left to spread with a messy appearance. This style is good for all women with age below 50 years as it makes them look modern and fashionable.

  1. Best Black Braided hairstyle For Parties

Ladies are always on the hunt for simple braided hairstyles that are suitable for parties due to busy schedules that are very tight during the week days and due to this reason they do not want to spend a lot of time in saloon but yet they need to have a style that will make them look amazing. This style will do both as it does not require a lot of time in creating it and on the other hand it will make you look classy. Visit your hairstylist in order to braid small box braids from the roots up to the mid area plaited using natural Yaky braid. After that, make the remaining area of your hair straight with a turn over at the end of your shoulders. Alternatively you can go for cornrows that will start at the front moving backwards into all directions and the collecting at the top corner of the middle area. Finally add a colorful piece of hair in a color of your choice and then comb it straight to create big waves at the extensions.

  1. Best Black Braided hairstyle For Round Faces

Women with round faces are as lucky as they fit in all hairstyles. But when it comes to choosing the best hairstyle for round faces then you can think about taking an idea from a well known celebrity and that is Alicia Keys. She is an inspiration when it comes to braiding her hair using tiny long cornrows. She looked cute when she braided her hair with small cornrows that crossed over her whole from the front moving backwards falling off her shoulders. To add a more stunning look she parted her hair at one side of her back and pushed it to the other side of her shoulders. She then matched it with small silver pin earrings, added a moderate makeup as well as an eye brow that grabbed attention of any man who looked at her. If you are round faced this is one of the best style to try.

  1. Best Black Braided Hairstyle For Heart Faces

Heart faced women have hairstyles that match with it in a stunning way without discriminating their skin tone. If you are one of those women having heart faces then you can try a variety of colors be it neutral or bold, I guarantee you that you will still look amazing. But be careful with colored hair as well as blonde. For black braided hairstyles when it comes to heart faces this style makes tremendous outcomes. You can plait a long wave in a natural black with light brown highlights adding a few numbers of small boxes around the crown going in all the directions. Or you may create big cornrows following the curves of your head moving to the back of the crown, and then add a brown and black highlighted hair extension in order to make it long enough to touch your back. Create big hair pieces around the back of the crown that will cover the end of the cornrows. Make sure that you stitch the hair ending in order to make it firm and keep it in place. The good thing about this hair style is that it will leave your face visible from both angles while making you so beautiful.

  1. Best Braided Hairstyle For Long Faces

If you are wondering on how to capture your spouse attention and make him feel extremely jealous by feeling unsecure thinking that any man might snatch you, this is the right hairstyle that will keep him alert. If you are among the African American women with long faces then this style will make you prettier and sexier. You can plaint your hair in black color, multi-colors or using brown teaming. You can also use blonde as well as other neutral colors that will make you stand out of the crowd. Wear a jewelry that will match your outfits as well as you makeup.

  1. Best Black Braided Hairstyle For Oval Faces

Oval face shaped women are lucky because they fit in any hairstyle and they stunning in everything they wear. But when it comes to black braided hairstyle if you are among the oval faced women then you have to careful and know what you need to achieve. You can add creativity on your hairstyle by plaiting small cornrows starting from the front moving towards the middle of the crown and then following curves of your head and then plaiting more small box braids that will touch your shoulders while leaving the remaining hair with curves to fall to the bust and more to the sides creating a perfection look. If you were wondering what is good for your oval shaped face, then this is the best hairstyle for you.

  1. Best Black Braided Hairstyle For Flower Girls

Today’s little girls are tomorrow’s future women and they tend to imitate what their mothers do. Choosing a Flower girl should be based on her beauty and how close you are with your daughter. What you want is you flower girl to look fabulous but keep in mind kids do not want to stay on hold for long without playing here and there. In addition to that chose a style that will not make her feel uncomfortable during the plaint process. Tight hair will lead to itching or red marks and therefore you should chose braiding simple but fabulous hairstyles. This is the best if you want to make your little princess look amazing without making her feel uncomfortable.

  1. Best Braided Hairstyle For Matrons

If you are a matron, you need to look sexy but you should not exceed the bride as the bride should always steal the show. You might be wondering which hairstyle would be perfect if you were chosen to be a matron on your best friend’s wedding. This hairstyle is easy and more convenient to make as it is the best black braided hairstyle that will suit any matron out there. The good thing about the style is that it does not choose face shapes as well as skin tones. It works for both regardless of the face shape and color. It is good for teens as well as women in their fifties.

  1. Best Black Braided Hairstyle With A Bandanna

Styling your braided hair by using a bandanna or scarf is simple and perfect as it can make you look like one of the celebrities who appear in fashion magazines. What you should do is just add a simple colorful scarf of bandanna around your head or you can try it back of your neck or just half way your head which ever among the three works better for you. This works better with long curly hairstyles that are long enough to fall beyond your shoulders while they are in faded black color. You can tie the bandanna in red having white patches around the head just in center of the crown section creating a small knot at the front. This does not mean that you should only use red color but you can use any color. Make sure that you careful match your bandanna with your outfits in order to appear elegant.

  1. Best Braided Hairstyle For Women Above 40’s

During this period of time women are totally in fear of aging up and losing their beauty especially their beautiful skin tones and therefore they are struggling to find ways that can help in keeping their young cute face. This style can help you keep that young face that you would like to maintain. Going through different hairstyles that work for women over 40’s these dreadlocks captured my attention as well as my heart. They take a long time to wear out and yet they are easy to maintain but the only problem is plaiting them because they need long hours. But for any woman who wants to look beautiful this is not a strong reason that can scare her because the results are amazing.

  1. Best African American Braided Hairstyles For Long Curly hair

Add glamour to your appearance during the festive season by wearing braided long curly hair and you will wonder how many compliments you will get. You can get this from Alicia Keys braided long curly hair which is very easy to make and it will enhance your appearance while making you look fashionable and sexy. The best part of the hair is braided by cornrows from the middle of the crown moving towards the sides and the remaining space added with a curly weave that is hanging freely over one side making the entire style so cute.

  1. Best African American Braided Hairstyle For Short Bob

Have ever wondered on how you can braid your hair making it appear in short Bob style in order to achieve great looks? This is so easy to make and it does not consume a lot of time but it will meet your expectation. You can do a little research for other braided hairstyles that are attractive but I would advise you to take a shot and try this style as it takes only two and half hours to create. It is good for all women from teens to mid aged women. You can also wear it in several colors that suit you best.

  1. Best Black Braided Hairstyles For Straight Hair

The trend of braids is so fast and if you do not update yourself you will be left behind. Try this hairstyle with multiple color hair extension mixed with black as well as maroon highlights at the ends on your natural hair. you have to create cornrows on a small area then leave the remaining part with long colored hair that embrace your shoulder and bust. You can add a matching jewelry that goes well with your outfits. The style works better with oval faces, round faces as well as other face shapes.

  1. Best African American Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

These are the latest hairstyles for women that are on trend and define how the hair industry is revolving to greater heights. You can try Mohawk hairstyle with short braids, medium braids or long braids depending on what you want to achieve. If you have natural hair and you are looking for a way to rock with Mohawk braids then this is your way forward. You can also cut your hair on both sides by an inch then design medium cornrows in the center area starting from the fore part moving backwards and this will make you appear elegant.

  1. Best Black Braided Butt Length hairstyles

This king of hairstyle looks sexy for both women starting from teens to forties. You can rock it in black, blonde, maroon or just any color that makes you feel comfortable. Men are so much in love with women hair and in case you are among those ladies who enjoy their men being around then this style will definitely help you achieve that. You can get yourself noticed by just braiding small long box braids that will fall on your butt while parting hair on both sides to leave a remarkable line

  1. Best Black Banging Braided Hairstyles

I am assuring you that braided hairstyles are becoming the leading trend of all hairstyles for Black American Women. This style is among the hairstyles that make women so attractive as it makes a woman look cute with over the shoulder banging braids in case you plaint small box braids found in light colors. To enhance the style you can leave some hair hanging in a circular way from the front and then take some hair in the middle of the crown and push it backwards to from a bump securing a tail with hair clips in order to make it firm and hold it into position thus creating a unique and elegant look.

  1. Best Black Zig-Zag African American braided Hairstyle For Women

Women have different types of braided hairstyles that are on trend that make them appear sexy and cute as well as young. For the best Black Zig-Zag braided style for women, I should admit that this is among the best styles that I have ever seen. The cornrows look as prettier regardless of the face shape as the long hair falls below the shoulder creating a stunning look. It is good for teens, women in thirties, forties and fifties. It can easily be matched with outfits and you can wear it in any occasion.

  1. Best Black Zig – Zag Braided Hairstyle For Men

Men cannot be left behind when it comes to hairstyles because they need to go with fashion and display a perfect male look. This style is the leading hairstyle when it comes to men as it makes men look smarter. The good thing about the style is that it can be easily made as it does not discriminate face shapes as well as skin tones. Cut an attractive beard that will match with your hairstyle and you will be amazed how women will be all over you.

  1. Best Black Zig – Zag Braided Hairstyle For Little Girls

This is a braided zig-zag hairstyle for the little angels that will make them more attractive and colorful matching with their outfits. This style really inspires the next generation as it is among the styles that will make your little girl confident and beautiful. To add more flavors to her looks she can add colorful earrings that will match with her outfits.

  1. Feminine Yarn Braids

Chocolate skin color tone is the best skin that matches with many hairstyles. Braids are the most essential part when it comes to black women hairstyle. It improves their sexy look as well as improving the skin tone. Creating braids is not difficult and there are different styles and there are many still to come. You can update your old braiding hairstyle techniques by adding new techniques which will bring some charm into your looks. Yarn braids are made from yarn and that makes them look voluminous. Raids are just braids it does not matter what makes them whether it is weaves or natural hair. This yarn Braid has unique vibes that brings out great attraction from the style. The good thing about the style is that it requires less maintenance and it is flexible to be styled in different ways.